Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Mysterious Box

During the Christmas season we have been receiving boxes at our door filled with wonderful goodies from family and friends.
My sweet little 3 year old "Nickel bear" can hear the truck coming from a mile away. It is like the Wells Fargo Wagon on Music Man. Anyway, in one of these boxes was this wooden box from Aunt Mindy.

Upon opening the package and inspecting the box, Nickel asks what it is.
I reply, "You put letters in it"

He thinks on it, takes the box and disappears.
I go into the kitchen a few minutes later and find the box filled with letters. Not just any letter mind you, but his alphabet magnetic letters from the fridge. Ah, you gotta love it! I just burst out laughing, it was too cute.
Thanks Aunt Mindy!

Sigh... I have given in to the blog world

Ok, so I decided to start a blog.
My reasons, well they are many... my two sister in-laws have one and I love reading them and keeping up with their rants..err... lives. I also wanted a place to post my latest baking creations (hence the name of the blog), don't get me wrong, I will still use facebook, but blogging is calling my name. I too want to write and share my life with others, especially my family.

So, here goes. I will have to have my fabulous husband look at my less than stellar attempt at making said blog. After he gets ahold of it, I am sure it will look fabulous. Or maybe Heidi will have a few pointers for me.

Until the mood hits again, adios!