Friday, June 7, 2013

Kindergarten Graduation 2013

My first school year is over! One down.....a bunch more to go!

My sweet boy graduated from Kindergarten, what a great year.

There is a reception after the graduation and I wanted to add a bit of color.

I asked the other K5 parents what they thought and the response was overwhelming... Yes!

I had so much support and help!
The Lord has really blessed us with a wonderful school, teacher, classmates and their parents.
We all agreed we wanted to do something extra special for their reception.

Here is the end result! What colorful fun!

My son always says his teachers favorite color is the rainbow. That is what we used for inspiration.

Here is what the room looked like.....

I will break down all the ideas and how we did them

This ceiling tent effect was made with plastic tablecloths. We laid them all out on the floor and then gathered them all at one end and tied them with a rubber band. My sweet husband hung it from the ceiling with a hook. Then we hung the poms from the middle. It added instant color and depth to the room. Of course, found some inspiration on Pinterest. 

There was an area to take pictures so we just added some pizzazz. My sweet friend made the pinwheels for the backdrop. We lined the back of the lattice with green plastic tablecloths, then twisted some light blue streamers down the front, added balloons and finished it off with a cute little bench!

The same sweet friend made this fabulous 2013 with black and white photos from the school year. She cut out the 2013 from cardboard then hot glued the pictures on. She did a GREAT job and everyone loved it. Another tablecloth was used for the backdrop and helium balloons for color.

We made a cute backdrop for the cake table. That same friend found rainbow streamers, fantastic! We lined the back with more tablecloths. Wow! Who knew plastic tablecloths could be so handy!

My sweet Kindergarten graduate modeling the cake. I only had my cell phone camera for the cake photos, but he is still a cutie.

The cake! Vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream. Decorations made with marshmallow fondant. I used an edible marker to write all the names of the students. I dipped a cupcake and a graham cracker in white candy melts to make the hat. 

What a great night! Me on the left, fabulous K5 teacher in the middle and my sweet friend on the right. Thank you to all who helped make the night so memorable for our sweet graduates! 

Bring on Summer!

From my heart to yours,