Thursday, June 21, 2012

Cotton Candy Royal Icing

It's funny how no matter what age my boys turn, I find myself saying, "I can't believe he is turning 1... 3... 5.." They test my patience and make me want to pull my hair out, but it only takes one cute little grin for me to realize it is all worth it. I love my little guys.

My youngest is turning 1 next week and he is my ray of sunshine. He is so happy most of the time. All the "you are my sunshine" parties seem to be geared toward little girls. Well, I am breaking out of the mold and doing a boy sunshine party.

I wanted to try a few techniques and there is no better way than with a sugar cookie. Everyone benefits. 

My husband's favorite sugar cookie is LilaLoa's chocolate cookie. When I put royal icing on them he says they taste like chocolate pop tarts (which are his fav)
She recently posted a vanilla variation as well. They are both yummy, so I decided to do a marble version of her two recipes.

I just made two cookie doughs and then grabbed a bit from each and rolled them together. Her recipes don't require refrigerating so just get busy.

I am not a huge fan of royal icing. I make it with meringue powder and, to me, it leaves a weird aftertaste. I have heard buying a better powder would make it taste better. It is pricey and I have to order it, so I haven't got around to trying that yet. I have tried using powdered egg whites. It does taste better, but still not on my top 10 things I want to put in my mouth.
The cookies yes, the icing not so much.

As I was walking through the store the other day, I came across this display for plain icing with these flavors packs. What?! That is awesome. 
Are you thinking what I'm thinking? The possibilities are endless with all those little flavor packets. My mind started racing. I just grabbed a flavor and ran. If I sat there trying to decide which one, I would have been there forever and then bought them all.

I ended up with Cotton Candy, no idea why, it's just what I grabbed.
It sat in my cupboard for awhile, until I made these cookies.
I was mixing up the royal icing when, BAM, it hit me. Put that flavor in the icing. 
It paid off, I actually really liked the icing. 
Then when I tasted it on the cookie, yum!

Just mix up your favorite royal icing recipe. Bake at 350 has a great one with a fabulous tutorial.

Once you have the icing to the right consistency, tap in some of the flavor. The only setback is that the powder was blue, so my icing turned blue. Good thing blue is a primary color. You can add other colors to get the one you want. I just used blue. I added powder until I had the color I wanted.

I am not sure about the other flavors, but I imagine they are colored too. Keep that in mind when you use one.

I can't wait to try the other flavors.
What other ways would you use one?

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Baking from my heart to your kitchen,


  1. I will definitely have to try one of those flavored packets, because I really don't like the taste of royal icing. But there are times when it's needed. Thanks for the great tip.

    1. Please come back and let me know when you try one!

  2. I love Lila Loa's chocolate and vanilla cookie dough. Great idea to roll them together. I saw those frosting flavor packets at the grocery and almost grabbed one to try. You cookies are super cute. Love the blue. I'd love you to share this over at Whatcha Whipped Up Wednesday. Hope to see you there.

  3. I love that you added the flavor until you got the COLOR you wanted, not the flavor you wanted.

  4. I think these cookies are super beautiful
    Very cute!

  5. I love the idea of using those in royal icing! That's so great; totally doing it.

  6. These look delicious! I'm always scared of Royal Icing - I've never used it. I just looks hard.

    1. If you go to the Bake at 350 link, she has a great tutorial. It works for me. Don't give up yet :)

  7. These cookies are adorable ... your little ray of sunshine will definitely love them! Great tips and recipes and I'm so glad you shared them with us this week!