Saturday, September 17, 2011

I have been going on alot of playdates recently, which is always a good excuse to bake and take it to my fellow mommies to taste test. I have been experimenting with sugar cookies and trying my hand at decorating. Needless to say, I have been having fun. Here are a few of them.

These first ones have a funny story, well it's funny now, it wasn't then. We were going to a playdate at one of the mommies houses, so I thought, perfect, I will bring some fun cookies. I was up all night finishing them, seeing as these are a new project for me. The next morning, I was busy getting my boys ready etc etc the usual "crazy morning trying to get out of the house crazy". We get to the house, she lives a good 25 min away and I *gasp!* forgot the cookies. I about cried! Almost drove back home, but alas, did not, just had cookies around for awhile.
Here are the forgotten cookies.

Next playdate cookies were for the pool. Which is in my neighborhood, so even if I forgot them, I didn't have to go far.

Oh sweet sugar cookie goodness! These were chocolate sugar cookies that I used from one of my favorite blogs

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