Friday, February 10, 2012

Two-tone cake

Recently I was in search of a unique cake to make a friend of mine for her birthday.  I love when I get to be creative. I searched some of my favorite "idea" sites and came across some cakes made by Aldoska, you can see her gallery here. I fell in love with her cakes. I had to try a version of my own.
I adore how sweet this cake looked and my friend was thrilled with it.

I will show you what I did.

Aw... so pretty.
First you will need to make a cake and frost it.
You will also need to make some marshmallow fondant. You can color it any color, but I obviously used red and pink. Just a side note, if your pink is too pink, like bubblegum pink, you can add a touch of ivory and it will mute it a bit. Best Trick Ever! Adding ivory to any color will mute it a bit.

Cover the whole cake white.
Then cut out half pink and cover. I swerved it a bit for effect, but you don't have to. Then cut out a few strips of red to line down the middle and around the bottom.

Ok, so I got carried away decorating that I didn't take any more picture of the swirl and flower making, but this is where you get creative and make it your own. If you need more help with the swirls or flowers just let me know and I will do them again with pictures.

Here is the other side. To make the smaller dots I used the top of one my larger piping tips, works like a charm. I hope you enjoyed looking at this cake as much as I enjoyed making it!

Baking from my heart to your kitchen,


  1. Okay, so what was the flavor of the cake? I like a pretty cake, but if it's not yummy, I don't care. I'm sure it was yummy, and that is why I want to know.

    1. You are so right! It was a cookie dough cake. :)

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