Monday, October 1, 2012

Treats for my boys.

My son's teacher is basically an angel sent from Heaven.
Seriously. She is amazing.

Before we tuck our blessings into bed, we ask them what they are thankful for and what they would like to pray for.

My oldest son says, Mrs. Baxter. Without fail. Every. Night. 
I am forever in her debt. My son seeks to do good deeds to please her and it overflows into our home. He has become a sweeter and kinder little boy. Yes, he still occasionally fights with his brothers. He is not perfect.
Her sweet spirit is contagious and my son has caught it. 

I have had the pleasure of bringing snacks to her classroom once a week to go along with their weekly theme. 

Here are a couple:

Firetruck Graham Crackers.

Tint some frosting red and cover the Graham Cracker.
Place some vanilla wafers on the bottom for wheels.
Pretzels for the ladder.
I cut up twizzlers for the light, but you can use whatever you think best.

Graham Cracker Stoplight

Break apart crackers and spread on chocolate frosting.
Place red, yellow and green M&M's for the light. (you have my permission to eat the other colors)
My 3 year old wanted to put funfetti on them that came with the frosting, why not, more color.
He really loved making this snack.

 Apple Teeth

Here is my son on the right and his little buddy on the left, modeling their teeth. Looks like my son's tooth is falling out.

Slice apples.
Pipe on some royal icing or marshmallow fluff.
Put marshmallows for teeth. 

I was inspired by her little book of recipes that I flipped through one of my books for ideas.

The book is called "Too Cute To Eat"

I decided to put my own spin on one for a children's class I was teaching.

Sugar Wafer Garden Boxes

1 pkg. cream filled vanilla and chocolate wafers.

royal icing (colored green)
1 box Mike and Ike's

For some reason my grocery store was out of wafer cookies. Just my luck there was a sale on them and they were wiped out. I found some Dulce de leche wafers in the International food section. They were very tasty, but kept falling apart, so excuse the crumbs and poor craftsmanship.
Cut one of four cookies in half, use that one for the sides.
Place one wafer on the bottom, two on the sides and "glue" together with the royal icing. "Glue" the sides on as shown in the picture above.

Crumble up the chocolate wafer to put in the box as dirt. 
The book said to mix chocolate icing and cookie crumbs together for the dirt. 
That would work well and maybe not fall apart so easily, next time I'll try that..
This time I just went with the easiest route since I was having the children put them together. We are talking 5 year olds, I needed easy.

I let them pick which color Mike and Ike's they wanted and pushed them into the dirt. 
One drop of royal icing and we have a garden.

The book said to use marzipan and mold a carrot shape, but again, I went the easy route and it worked great.

The kiddos were super excited to show their parents the garden they "grew" in class.

I would love to see what creations you have made, leave me a comment and please share!

Baking from my heart to your kitchen,

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