Sunday, September 18, 2011

Cookie dough and snickerdoodles

One of the things I love just as much, if not more, than baking is my church. So when I was asked to drive a group of girls on a youth group video scavenger hunt this last weekend, of course I said yes! Oh and I was also asked to make two desserts, I started to wonder if that was the real reason I was asked, but there were more important things to think about, like, what to bake. I sat down and pondered hmmm.... I have to make something with cookie dough, I have observed that teens love cookie dough, maybe because they were always told to get their fingers out of it while there mom was baking. Cookie dough cupcakes were the obvious answer, so that was set.

Here are cookie dough cupcakes, sorry I didn't get a picture of the cookie dough goodness inside, just know it was there and it was good.

I knew the youth Pastor likes snickerdoodles, but I wanted to make something a little different so I made snickerdoodle blondies that I found on one of the blogs I love.

The desserts were delicious, or so I heard, I taste tested them, but I always like to hear it from those I bake for. The true test is how many were left over and sadly, I have no idea, as I had to leave early.

As for my driving skills, well, everyone is still alive and we got 3rd place. Big thanks to my husband for picking his nose on camera. :) Yes, that was one of the many crazy things we had to do.

I think the next thing I bake will be for the fire department that we went by, that poor fire fighter had to stop. drop. and roll for us and we were not the only group to stop by. But what I noticed out of the corner of my eye were these sad store bought cupcakes that were marked clearance. That was just so sad to me. These men keep us safe and they have reduced themselves to store bought cupcakes, the inhumanity! I have made it my mission to rectify the situation and bake them something yummy for being the good sports that they were. Hmm.... something new to ponder. Tune in next time for the "Fire fighter dessert rescue!"

The recipe for the snickerdoodle bars is found here:


  1. The cupcakes were fab, but I have to say, I was on sugar overload. I was eating everything on that dessert table. I think we should had some milk on hand because they were VERY rich. Awesome, but rich. I gained 5 pounds just on the little ones....but sooooo worth it;0)