Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Lego Birthday Cake

Lego Cake!
I had a bit of trouble creating this cake, but it was just user error on my part, so please learn from my silly mistakes and make a fabulous cake. 
I was asked to make this cake for my friend's son, for his 5th birthday. She knew she wanted something Lego.
I went researching, I found a few ideas that I liked, so I put them all together.

What you will need:
1/2 sheet cake
(I made my favorite chocolate cake)
Buttercream frosting 
(I used Oreo buttercream for filling and vanilla buttercream for the outside)
(I tinted mine blue, but you could use any color)

Here is my 1/2 sheet cake cooling.

It domed a bit, so I had to slice some off the top to even it out. My son was a great supervisor.

For all things measured, my husband is the expert. My cakes would not be straight if it were not for him. I seriously cannot cut in a straight line, so he put toothpicks where I needed to slice. I love that man.

I sliced the cake into three even sections.

In between each layer was the Oreo Buttercream.

Here is the finished layering. It looks a little wonky, but it was "squarish".

Crumb coat with buttercream and place in the fridge to set. Then put another layer of frosting on.  
You could tint the buttercream blue and call it a day, but fondant is more forgiving, or so I thought.
Read on.

After you the frost with final coat of butterecream, smooth out. I use the Viva paper towel method.
So technical right?

Basically, put a Viva paper towel over the chilled cake and start smoothing with your hand or a fancy shmancy tool like mine.I know it is not that shmancy, but humor me.
Yes, to answer your question, it has to be Viva, no they are not paying me, they are just the only paper towel without a pattern. 

Cover the cake with your fondant. Not like this! Mine kept cracking and poofing out.
No matter what I tried it would not work. I had to make a whole other batch.
Just thought I would let you in on a "what could happen" situation. In such cases you could try to smooth it out with Crisco, or put some kind of decoration on it, to cover the flaw. In this case however, my fondant was too dry, I believe I used too much powdered sugar. I had to just make it all over, there was no saving it. Grrr... I was not irritated at all. Just ask my husband.
You got me, it was a wee bit irritated, but I moved on.

After taking a few hundred deep breaths, I successfully covered the cake. It was not perfectly square, but at that point, I was willing to live with it.
The circles on top are made with fondant.
I rolled the remaining fondant out thick and sliced with a circular cookie cutter. You could also use a round glass as well. Basically anything the size of the circle you want.

I cut out fondant letters for his name and some rectangles for Lego looking decoration for the corners.
I do apologize for not taking more pictures of those.I cut out some fondant 5's and put them on top of the circles. 
The main thing to remember is that the birthday boy loved it and that is all that matters.

Do you have some tips to get a perfectly square cake? Please let me know!

From my heart to your kitchen,

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  1. Sorry, I don't have any tips for a perfect square.
    Fondant is so hard to work with. At the end I am so fed up with it I just want to throw the whole cake on the floor. Haaha! The problems that I had were that the fondant was melting and sliding down on the cake. And I had already put so much more powdered sugar than they called for.
    I haven't made a fondant cake for a while but I think I'm getting up my nerve enough to make one again. :/ I found another recipe that I think looks good.
    Good job!